Does my federal truck driver’s license transfer to a state CDL?

No. As of this writing, no state or protectorate of the United States of America offers reciprocity of CDL Class A Licenses federal to state. The structure of the United States preserves the right of regulating licenses to the individual states. Using your Armed Forces issued license pre-emts states rights only while you are on active duty, but does not replace or equal or entitle you to a state driver’s license or license endorsement, such as Class A.

What documentation do I need from my command to qualify for a license waiver program?

Each state of the United States of America reserves the right to determine whether to have a program to assist veterans in obtaining a waiver for CDL endorsement, and what the requirements will be for the reservists or veteran to obtain that waiver. Consult with the DMV manual or DMV office, not a third party, what those requirements are in the state where you hold your civilian drivers license.

What can I be doing now while on base to get ready for a civilian CDL? What will make me most marketable once I get out of the service?

There is a critical shortage of tanker drivers among the entire pool of Class A commercial truck driving population. You will always benefit from visiting the motor pool or transportation division at your command or a local command and asking them to introduce you to combination truck driving. Further, any opportunities you have to drive a combination vehicle with tanker, take that opportunity and ensure that it is documented.

Will my education benefits pay for CDL School?

The only way to fully know the answer to that question is to make an application at a school that accepts military education benefits. They can have an answer for you within a week on which you can then make further plans.

Generally speaking, in most cases, post-911 benefits will pay for the 30 days of training to earn your CDL Clas A License.

Is there a qualified school near where I am stationed or near where I want to live after release from military obligation?

When you submit the request for information form at this website, you are providing personal data that will allow our education team to make a geographical match between you and a school we have approved.

What is the job market like?

Fantastic! There is no better time to choose commercial truck diving – over the road or local (at home each night).