Our mission

Providing the best advocacy and direction combined together

The National Troops to Truckers program mission is to provide a value-added connection between military personnel, present and past, and the schools, employers, and other civilian organizations that seek to bring veterans into or back into the commercial truck driving profession.

That added-value is in the form of meaningful career counseling currently absent in many other education and employment connection activities, with long-term career and family future as the key element to the decision making process.

The National Troops to Truckers program is further committed to serving each veteran equally, without limitation based on physical or mental disability, character of discharge, duration of post-service activity, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, familial, or financial status.

Further, the program seeks to assist the spouses and partners of veterans in seeking education and employment that compliments or supports the career and economic prosperity of the military or military veteran family.

To talk to one of our CDL military veteran experts, click the button below, register, and connect with a CDL veteran training advocate who can advise you on next steps, which schools may serve you best, and other helpful career advice.